Our Journey

cropped treesHey there!

I’m Annie ~ a south Mississippi girl… I love God and am so very blessed to be married to my best friend and home educate our three amazing kiddos.  We love great read-alouds and learning outside.

In the past, I thought of learning as something that happened in a classroom…during certain times of the day…and only if I memorized facts.  I saw it as “making the grade” and then moving on to the next “task.”

I moved through my educational career in this robotic way…task, task, task, check, check, check… sigh…

I forgot much of what I learned (no shock there, right?)

Once I was married and our first-born daughter was school age, we didn’t even think about it… Off to an expensive private school she goes to memorize facts, too!

Here is where God put up a detour sign in our path.  Our child was not responding to school the way I expected.  She was advanced for her grade…and no gifted classes were available for her.  Boredom and frustration began for her.  Tears ev.er.y night.

I never had home education on my radar.  Never.  My husband was the one who convinced me that I could do it.  I could home educate all of our children (we had another daughter to start school right behind our first one…and a newborn).  I doubted.  We prayed.  And we were nudged by God to take the leap.  The night we finally asked our daughter if she wanted to be homeschooled was the first real beaming smile I had seen in way too long.  She lit up.  Decision final.

It took me a while to find our way in this home education journey.  And guess what?  I’m still learning.  We’re still learning.  BUT….. we’re learning together, learning how to LOVE learning, and learning how we want to learn.  We are…… Learning Freely ~

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