Poetry & Shakespeare

In the afternoon, we snuggle and get comfy for some read-aloud time.  Sometimes we read Poetry or Shakespeare first (we rotate), and then we read from our current chapter book (click here for family read-aloud suggestions).

Below are some of the books we have read together for our Poetry/Shakespeare time.  {All of the books below can be purchased by clicking the images}







* I bought this to help me understand how to teach Shakespeare, as well as easy ways to help my kiddos memorize short passages.



We first started by learning about his life. Below are fabulous books we enjoyed:




Next we read abridged versions of his plays:




We then try to find a good movie/play adaptation to watch… and finally, we read the unabridged play!



I find by learning about Shakespeare himself first, we become more invested in his works. Then, when we familiarize ourselves with his plays with abridged “modern language” books (and then even hear it in a televised play), we understand it more for when we then read the unabridged versions!

How do you all read Shakespeare? Let me know in the comments!

Nervous to get started? Leave me a message, and I’ll be happy to help however I can! ~Annie 

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